Over the counter bladder infection treatment


Let us talk about over the counter bladder infection treatments that are available in the market.Bladder infection is really a very pathetic situation to be in due to the symptoms it produces. You will experience a increased frequency of urination and increased urge to urinate. You will need to rush many times to a bathroom. But you won’t be bale to pass out proper amounts of urine. You will also have burning sensation while urinating. You can also have pain in the lower abdomen due to  bladder infection.

To solve this problem we need to take some medication. At first you can try out some remedies at home like drinking more water throughout the day to wash out the infection. You also need to buy some herbal medicines to reduce the symptoms of  bladder infection. The most commonly used remedy by the people is cranberry juice. It prevents the bacteria from sticking to the bladder. So bacteria can’t divide in your bladder and this prevents the bacteria form causing infections.

Cranberry juice also kills the bacteria. You can also take some other home remedies like uva ursi capsules. These capsules will kill the bacteria and help to relieve your symptoms. You can also take some kinds of herbal teas like goldenrod tea and corn silk tea which will also help to relieve your symptoms. You can also try some sort of homeopathic remedies which will help to reduce the symptoms.

treatment for bladder infections
Treatment for bladder infections

Bladder infection is always associated with symptoms like fever and chills. So you can take tylenol or paracetamol to control the fever and chills. Tylenol can also reduce the abdominal pain to some extent due to its pain killer action. You can take phenazopyridine to reduce the symptoms like increased frequency of urination and urgency of urination. So you can now try to use some sort of over the counter  bladder infection treatment from the remedies that we have mentioned.