Bladder foods: All about the effect of food on bladder

Do you know what is meant by bladder foods. Bladder foods are the foods which have some sort of effect on the bladder. The effect of the food on our bladder can be either good or bad. Some foods help our bladder to be healthy. Some foods will harm your bladder and increase the irritation of your bladder. So you need to be well aware of the various foods and the action on your bladder, so that you can make very careful food choices.

Bladder foods that are healthy:

water is healthy for bladder

water is healthy for bladder

Water is a bladder food that is very healthy. Water acts as a home remedy for many diseases. Drinking lots of water daily helps you to pass urine properly and also pass feces properly. Water will remove the toxins from our body through the urine. Water will also make you look good and it will make your skin younger. Water will cleanse your bladder off any harmful substances and toxins. Water will also flush out the bacteria from your body. Drinking a lot of water prevents you from getting urinary tract infections or UTI.

2.High fiber foods:
You need to eat high fiber foods like whole grains, oats, carrots,green leafy vegetables daily. Include these foods in your daily food menu. Eating high fiber foods will help to relieve constipation and help you to pass feces easily. Now you may ask mewhat is the relation between passing feces and bladder health/. I do have an answer for that as well. If your bowel movements are good, the pressure that is exerted by your rectum on the bladder is reduced. So your bladder will also work good.

3.Cranberry juice:

cranberry juice for bladder

Cranberry juice which is 100% pure helps you very much if you are suffering from UTI or urinary infections. This juice will help the urine to become acidic due to its high acid content so that the bacteria get killed. The cranberry juice also makes your bladder slippery, so bacteria cannot stick to your bladder and you can get rid of the infection. But be sure to get a 100% pure juice. Otherwise it won’t be effective. I need to mention a thing of caution here. This therapy works for you only if you have got the urinary infection right now. But if you are suffering from Interstitial cystitis or prolonged bladder infections, you need to avoid taking cranberry juice as it can irritate your bladder and make your problem worse.

4.Curd or yoghurt:
Curd or yoghurt has many beneficial bacteria like lactobacillus.  It has been proven to help your bowel and increase the helpful bacteria in your gut that will keep your guts healthy. But a recent research has proved that curd can also help your bladder to be healthy. So make curd a part of your daily diet.

Bladder foods that irritate your bladder:
1.Foods containing high acid content:
If you are suffering from diseases like interstitial cystitis, your bladder is already swollen or inflamed. So you need to avoid all the food stuffs that irritate your bladder and make your situation worse. Foods that contain high amounts of acid irritate your bladder.
So avoid eating foods with acid content. The most common foods which contain high amounts of acid are cranberries,citrus fruits like oranges and lemons,grapefruit,etc. Cranberries are useful for treating urinary infections, but they need to be avoided in interstitial cystitis.

Even tea contains high amounts of tannic acid, a type of acid. So you should avoid drinking tea to prevent irritation of your bladder. You should not drink both green tea and black tea.


Coffee irritates bladder

Coffee irritates bladder

All you coffee lovers out there, you might get irritated looking at this. But this is true. Coffee contains substances which irritate the bladder. Coffee also has high acidic content like tea and it also has caffeine which is a bladder irritant. If you want to substitute coffee and tea with some other hot drink, you can drink hot milk with different flavors like vanilla, strawberry,etc.


Chocolate irritates bladder

Chocolate irritates bladder

Chocolate is one of the favorite foods of everyone regardless if their age. There is probably no one who hates chocolates in the whole world. But its a sad fact that chocolate does irritate the bladder. So avoid eating chocolates if you are suffering from interstitial cystitis or some type of bladder irritation.

5.Spicy foods:
Avoid eating very spicy foods. They not only irritate your stomach, but they also irritate the epithelial lining of your bladder. So try to opt for less spicy foods.

Drinking a lot of alcohol is really very injurious to health. It can cause gastritis as well as damage the lining of your bladder.

7.Tomato products:

Tomato irritaes bladder

Tomato irritaes bladder

Do you like to have a burger or sandwich with tomato ketchup. Do you love eating french fries with tomato ketchup. Do you use tomato in many of your cooking dishes. Even i do the same. But its true that tomato causes bladder irritation due to the acid levels which are quite high in it. Avoid eating tomatoes and replace them with some other vegetable for some days until you get back control of your bladder.

8.Artificial sweeteners and sugar:
If you are fond of eating sweets and if you use artificial sweeteners regularly, then beware that they can cause bladder irritation. So you need to restrict them from your diet for some days until the symptoms of your interstitial cystitis reduce.

9.Carbonated drinks:
Many of us are fond of drinking carbonated drinks like pepsi, thumsup, etc. But they can irritate your bladder as they can form carbonic acid, which is a very strong acid and that can damage your bladder.

10.Cheese and other milk products:
you need to be aware that many milk products cause bladder irritation. But not all the people will agree to this. So use milk products like cheese with caution. If you experience any increase in the symptoms after their consumption, then stop consuming them.

Now you may ask me how many foods should i stop eating. Some of you might think this is absurd. But believe me you need to take proper care of your diet in order to control your irritable bladder or interstitial cystitis. But all these restrictions are not permanent. You can get back to your diet with some modifications after consultation with your physician as per his advice. But meanwhile you need to control your food habits until your symptoms subside. Hope you have understood regarding the different bladder foods , right.

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